Grange Farm

The pages down this part of the web tree are all to do with me and my family. I have been spurred into wirting these pages after being sent a picture of my grandfather from 1940 by my Uncle John.


My grandfather, W.W.Moles was foreman at Grange Farm, Coggeshall, for 50 years. Click here.

Grange Farm

Grange Barn in Coggeshall is known almost throught the world. Grange Barn Farm also has a story to tell. Click here.


Holiday photos of my recent trips:

May 1999 - Algarve - Portugal. Click Here

August 1999 - Normandy, France (eclipse). Click Here

September 2001 - Switzerland. Click Here


Lyndy and I have just had a baby, Thomas. Click Here


Steve Moles.