Lyndy and I together with Jamie and his friend Chris, travelled to the Normandy region of Northern France for a week holiday during which we saw the eclipse.

August 11th 1999

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On our way to the  path of totality, we got caught up in traffic delays on the A131-E5 motorway heading for the "Pont de Tancarville". The eclipse had started by this time.
eclipse3.jpg (16062 bytes) The Pont de Tancarville (the last but 1 bridge crossing the river Seine between Le Havre and Rouen) had 2 of its 4 lanes closed for maintenance causing a 7 km tail back.
The traffic cleared after the bridge, but by then it was too late for us to make Fécamp. We selected a small by-road and found a place to park and watch the eclipse.
The cloud cover was too much to see second contact, but during totality, the cloud cleared enough for us to see totality and the diamond ring at third contact.

It wasn't as dark as I expected, but that may be because we were only 10 km from the southern limit of totality.

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