Coggeshall Grange Barn, the oldest surviving timber framed Barn in Europe (c.1140) was filled to the eaves with sheaves of corn at harvest time in the autumn of 1915, as it had been for hundreds of years. But this was the year of change. grange2f.gif (3820 bytes) click

Grange Farm,
built c.1450

Grange Farm was bought by James Parish, a farmer from Kelvedon and within a decade it was to become  one of the premier seed growing farms in the country. grange3c.gif (4507 bytes)

Grange Barn

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During the 1920's Mr. Parish added other local farms to the list and in 1925 employed 125 people.

detail of
Barn doorway


Grange Farm extended to about 260 acres and had some rather fascinating field names:- Grove Field
Bottom Shots
Black Croats
Nine Corners
Cord Field
Great Crosspath
Little Crosspath
Nursery Field
22 acres
24 acres
Little Field